Beauty Editors and Top Bloggers are CRAZY for These Indie Brands

If you’re new here, you may not be familiar with Luvi Beauty.  But we’re certain that you will become very familiar with the brands we carry.   That’s because these so-called “indie” brands are disrupting beauty and winning the hearts of enthusiasts, bloggers, experts, and editors. 

At Luvi, we’re thrilled to host innovative brands that have been well-covered by the biggest media outlets in beauty. Combing through all of the reviews, accolades, and features is a monstrous task.  Therefore, we’ve assembled highlights that will aid you in your discovery of these great brands and products. 


In a piece for Yahoo Beauty, Beverly Hills Aesthetician Gina Marí provides her best beauty tips citing Circcell Daily Hydration Moisturizers SPF 43 as a key morning routine essential:

“After a full night’s sleep, your skin usually looks its best in the morning.  I like to keep it simple with Ayurmedic’s Mild Cleansing Gel, Vacha Toner, and Circcell’s Daily Hydration Moisturizer with SPF 43 to keep my skin glowing, fresh and clean!”


On behalf of New Beauty magazine, popular skincare blogger, Felicia Walker-Benson (of This That Beauty) reviews Nuvesse Deep Hydrating & Brightening Mask.  She loves that the Nuvesse Deep Hydrating and Brightening Mask adheres perfectly to her face like a second skin and tackles one of her biggest concerns, hydration. “My skin always needs more, more, more, but with the first application of this mask, my skin felt so soft.”  See her video review.


Already an award winner, eco-friendly Teadora is featured in Elle’s 7 Brazilian Superfoods to Boost Your Skin Care Regimen.  Also read Brit + Co’s Beauty Products and Practices for Self-Care.  (Pssssst!  Also, check out our 9 Simple Self-Care Tips to Beat Stress and Boost Well-Being)


This newcomer is becoming a media darling.  DOPE Naturally is an ingestible protein powder that unites the worlds of fitness and beauty.  The wellness approach to beauty is growing so it makes sense that DOPE Naturally is featured in Domino’s Shake Up Your Beauty Routine With These 11 Exciting Companies.  The brand is also covered in Fashionista’s The 8 Best Indie Beauty Brands You Haven't Heard of Yet.


The press has fallen for OY-L.  Features include The Today Show, Vogue, and Mind Body Green.    And we couldn’t agree more with Allure’s The OY-L Face Cream Literally Does Everything

"As for its texture? It's probably most similar to a jar of softened butter, like the texture you'd smooth on scones or warm blueberry muffins. The golden goodness is that creamy, whipped, and lightweight. And when it hit my face (metaphorically speaking, of course), it immediately seeped into skin, leaving behind a believable dewy sheen, like you just went on a really invigorating run and cracked the most flattering sweat."

OY-L Face Cream | Luvi Beauty

And these are just the tip of the iceberg.  There is much more but it’s ultimately up to you.  Give these brands a try and don’t forget to let us know how you feel. SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave


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