Zero Chemical Skincare. OY-L promises “beauty without secrets.” This 100% natural luxury skincare line was created by a mom on a mission to fight toxins, protect families, and empower beauty.


OY-L Face Wash

From $18.00

DESCRIPTION When you wash your face, don't use a face wash that is bogged down with chemicals and heavy compounds.  With OY-L Face Wash, enjoy a more natural way to...

OY-L Hydrating Facial Mist

From $16.00

DESCRIPTION You don't always have the time to stop and thoroughly wash your face when it needs an invigorating and hydrating burst of energy, and with the OY-L Hydrating Facial Mist, you...

OY-L Face Cream

From $25.00

DESCRIPTION Your facial skin deserves the same care that you give to the rest of your body. With OY-L Face Cream, you can indulge your skin and give it what...

OY-L Manuka Latte Lip Balm


DESCRIPTION Your lips, like the rest of your face, are susceptible to damage from the environment and the sun. One of the most sensitive elements of your face, your lips...

OY-L Exfoliating Manuka Mask


DESCRIPTION Exfoliate problem-causing dead skin and dirt to reveal the healthier, newer skin beneath. Using the remarkable properties of Manuka Honey, the OY-L Exfoliating Manuka Mask is a careful mixture of...

OY-L Body Butter


DESCRIPTION Treat your skin to natural and long-lasting nourishment. This body butter is ultra lightweight, rich, and features a lightly whipped texture that glides on smoothly. The high absorption formula...

OY-L Body Scrub


DESCRIPTION Turn every shower into a luxury spa experience with OY-L Body Scrub. This body scrub features a number of natural ingredients that work in harmony to produce both exfoliating and...

OY-L Bath Salts


DESCRIPTION Transform your bathtub into an in-home retreat with OY-L Bath Salts. These bath salts are mined from ancient sea beds and untainted by modern sea toxins . OY-L bath salts are...



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