MOUNTAIN HIGH BEAUTY: This Former Engineer Developed High-Performance Skincare that Holds Up in Extreme Environments

When most people think of luxury beauty, they picture products produced by large conglomerates based in major global cities like New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo.  But today’s emerging beauty founders are changing the map as these new innovators seek to provide solutions for unmet needs no matter where they’re based.   Case in point, Circcell Skincare founder, Maya Crothers.

After enjoying summers in the Wyoming countryside, Maya and her husband decided to move their family from Dallas, TX to live year-round in the small mountain town of Jackson Hole.  Maya, an engineer and Wharton MBA, ultimately left corporate America to focus on raising her two children.  In fact, she’d been retired for 8 years before coming back as an entrepreneur to launch Circcell in 2011.  But this time was different.   Maya, a longtime beauty enthusiast -- like most of our founders -- was inspired to launch Circcell as a response to environmental change and its impact on the skin.  She was fueled by the mission to create a collection that performed consistently from place to place and from season to season.

“Some of the struggles I was having keeping my skin in good shape in a cold, dry, mountain environment really peaked my interest in product performance which drove an interest in this business channel,” said Maya in an interview with Entrepreneur Girl.

Circcell is a carefully formulated line that combines the laser precision of science with an indulgent experience, enabling the skin to look and feel its best in any setting.  “We do not build our product around one ingredient,” Maya revealed in a profile with HAPPI.  “Every product starts off with a blank page. We endeavor to create the most effective product we can to suit a specific need. Typically, we are first inspired by an innovation or new ingredient breakthrough. From this starting point we build a product. We use a long list of highly effective proven ingredients and combine them with natural ingredients from plants and the ocean and the laboratory.”

The brand name is a hybrid of circle and cellular.  During product planning, Maya noticed a heavy emphasis on over-cleansing, exfoliation, and a lack of understanding on how to effectively treat the skin.  She felt that every product was focused on shedding skin cells while her aim was to preserve the skin.

“There’s a world of other effective ways to treat the skin that the typical woman was missing out on,” Maya explained. 

The brand has come a long way since launching in 2011.  The product line-up is diverse with high-performing anti-aging solutions for all skin types – normal, dry, oil, combination, sensitive.  With Circcell, it’s easy to build a balanced and effective day-to-night regimen with your choice of cleansers, serums, moisturizers, oils, masks, and targeted treatments.  And the team at Circcell is committed to providing products that: 1.) Multi-task, 2.) Are formulated based on performance, 3.) Deliver the best of many technologies, and 4.) Travel well.

With these core values, it’s not surprising that this refreshing and powerful skincare collection has become a cult favorite with some of the most respected celebrity aestheticians including Allison Marks.  Circcell is also available at luxury and medical spas, high-end department stores, and hotels like the Four Seasons.  And of course, we’re proud that you can shop Circcell right here at Luvi Beauty.












*Sources:  Content from Entrepreneur Girl, and HAPPI were used for this blog post.

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