It’s that time of year again!  Holiday shopping and gift giving.  A challenge that is both exciting and daunting.  Are you stumped about what to give your mother, your sister, or your BFF this year?  What do you give to the woman who already has an excellent collection of gloves, slippers, sweaters, and jewelry?

Stand out this season by giving the gift of beautiful skin.  Because what woman doesn’t want vibrant healthy skin?  We made it easy with a selection of 15 gift ideas that will beautify the happy recipients from head-to-toe and inside-out.  (TO WATCH VIDEO GUIDE CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE BELOW)





1. DOPE Naturally Melonaid Protein Powder - $45

Beautiful skin starts with good health and DOPE Naturally Melonaid Protein Powder is like giving two gifts in one.   With a pure and unique blend of superfoods – e.g. organic watermelon seeds, strawberries, dragon fruit, and beets – it’s perfect for the friend with a health-focused 2018 New Year’s Resolution.  Now she can achieve fitness goals faster while restoring an ageless glow to her skin.  This plant-based protein powder is easy to incorporate into a healthy diet.  For starters, it can be enjoyed as a smoothie, a shake, or as a way to spice up morning oatmeal.


2. COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser - $11

Do you know someone struggling with oily, acne-prone skin?  The popular COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is an inexpensive yet effective stocking stuffer.  This mildly acidic cleanser uses botanicals and natural BHA to control oily skin, reduce pore size, and smooth skin’s texture without striping it of its natural oils. 


3. Teadora Brazilian Glow Rejuvenating Red Clay Masque & Scrub - $36


Whether it’s your busy sister in need of a bit of pampering or your world traveling vegan co-worker, this treat makes a perfect gift for anyone in your life.  Teadora Brazilian Glow Rejuvenating Red Clay Masque & Scrub is skincare powered by the superfruits of the Amazon rainforest.  Packed with ingredients like Acai, Babassu, and Maracujá, it gently exfoliates to restore the skin’s natural glow.  If there is extra time, it can also be used as a mask by letting it sit on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing.  The skin will be revitalized, hydrated, and oh-so-soft to the touch.  This is a face and body treatment.  But don’t worry, it’s very gentle on facial skin.  Natural, organic, vegan, and eco-friendly.


4. Son & Park Beauty Water - $37

An ideal gift for any woman in your life who wears makeup even if it’s just on special occasions.  Son & Park is a Korean Cosmetics line founded by two celebrity makeup artists and their Beauty Water is a cult favorite.   The creators believe that a high impact beauty regimen starts with good skincare.  This simple product is quite the multi-tasker.  It cleanses, tones, exfoliates, and hydrates in just one step.  Afterwards, the skin is in a perfect state for effective skincare and makeup application. 


5. Circcell Extraordinary Anti-Aging Face Oil - $160

This unique luxury oil is great for skincare enthusiasts seeking to minimize the appearance of age.  Circcell Extraordinary Anti-Aging Face Oil features the purest essential rose and jasmine oils to target signs of aging for a firmer, more youthful appearance.  Her skin will benefit from improved elasticity and suppleness.   She will thank you daily.


6. Huxley:  Secret of the Sahara Anti-Gravity Cream - $48

Does a close neighbor take frequent business trips by plane?  Or, do you have a loved one who lives in a major metropolis with major air pollution?  If so, they’ll be very pleased when you introduce them to Huxley:  Secret of the Sahara Anti-Gravity Cream.   Huxley is a minimalist collection that features Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil as its main ingredient. Why?  Well, it is actually inspired by women of the Sahara who use cactus seed oil to maintain their skin’s hydration in the toughest conditions.  Huxley products protect and treat skin that is constantly exposed to environmental aggressors – harsh climates, air travel, urban pollution – that can wreak havoc and accelerate skin’s aging.

During the winter months, Huxley Anti-Gravity cream is the perfect companion for protecting the skin’s moisture barrier. It’s infused with 50% Cactus Seed Oil extract, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants which nourish and deeply hydrate the skin.  Skin is smoother, more resilient, more vibrant, and better protected. A luxurious delight for healthy skin.


7. Chuda Healing Hydration Cream - $80

NEW BEAUTY Magazine describes Chuda Healing Hydration Cream as “…officially the newest miracle cream to set your sights on.” This luxurious cream harnesses the power of the ancient skin-healing Remedea Compound.  With origins dating back to the time of Princess Medea of Colchis, the compound features six (6) key ingredients: male pine flower pollen, beeswax, propolis, olive oil, calcium carbonate and rose oil.  Boosted with scientifically advanced actives, this cream acts fast to restore the skin to its healthiest state—soft, smooth supple, plump, hydrated and radiant.  This gem makes a perfect gift for Mama as well as your sophisticated BFF who loves uncovering the world’s best beauty secrets.


8. SIBU Rejuvenating Night Cream - $39.95

Maybe your sister doesn’t have time in the morning for the best skincare routine.  Help her get on the right path with a great night cream.  SIBU Rejuvenating Night Cream helps boost the skin’s natural repair process as you sleep.  Like all SIBU products, it is formulated with Sea Berry oil which is known for its intense hydration power.  So she can just let this moisturizer do all the work and wake up to deeply hydrated, replenished, and healthy-looking skin.


9. Vertere Corrective Eye Concentrate - $85

If a friend confided that she was considering a cosmetic procedure next year, this gift may help her save a small fortune.   For eyes in need of a lift, Vertere Corrective Eye Concentrate delivers visible results in just 14 days!   Formulated with a patented and proprietary blend of precious compounds, this lush and silky concentrate bathes the eye area in soothing moisture. It softens the look of fine lines, lifts and firms, brightens the appearance of dark circles, and depuffs. 


10. Biainili Lip Balm - $25

The holidays are meant for hugs and kisses.  Biainili Lip Balm keep lips soft and sweet and make great gifts for your daughter and her college roommates.   These delightful balms are formulated with shea butter that's enriched with natural oils.  Available in 6 surprising varieties: Pomegranate, Walnut & Cognac, Benzoin, Basil, Tarragon, Geranium & Rosehip.


11. Honua Ritual Skincare Regimen - $148

You know that newlywed colleague who simply can’t stop re-living her fabulous Hawaiian honeymoon?   Well, this is for her.  The Honua Ritual Skincare Regimen is a bit of heaven on earth.   This luxurious spa-like collection combines traditional Hawaiian healing botanicals with modern skincare technology. Experience the beautifying benefits of natural ingredients such as Seaweed Extract, Hibiscus, Papaya enzymes, and Coconut water.  The Ritual features 4-steps (also sold individually):

Step 1 - Pa'akai Cream Cleanser; Facial Cleanser and Mask duo.
Step 2 - Hawaiian Beauty Water; Exfoliating toner. 
Step 3 - Aloha Youth Serum; Skin transforming serum/light weight moisturizer for all skin types/conditions. 
Step 4 - 'Ōlena Oil; Hydrating and skin healing beauty oil.


12. Nuvesse Deep Hydrating & Brightening Mask Set - $75

Your aunt has been frustrated that her skin has become dull and very dry in recent years.  Come to her aide with Nuvesse Deep Hydrating & Brightening Masks.  Nuvesse biocellulose masks feature patented Cellulation Technology.  This technology enables the masks to deliver key rejuvenating ingredients much deeper into the skin versus traditional skincare products.  Each serum-infused mask is packed with nourishing hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and aloe vera. The mask instantly plumps the skin while visibly improving its tone and texture.  Tell auntie to get ready for smoother, radiant, more youthful looking skin.

 WATCH Top Skincare Blogger Reviews Nuvesse for NEW BEAUTY MAGAZINE


13. OY-L Body Scrub - $30

This gift is for YOU.  As joyful as the season is, it can be very demanding.  Don’t forget to practice a bit of self-care.  Turn every shower into a luxury spa experience with OY-L Body Scrub.  It gently cleanses and removes dead skin. It's rich with ingredients like hemp seed oil and butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, shea nut oil, and pink Himalayan salt.  Ooh La La!


14. Kreyol Essence French Lavender Body Cream - $25

A great gift for anyone looking for daily pampering made easy.  Step out of the shower and into the luxuriously indulgent Kreyol Essence French Lavender Body Cream.  This nutrient-rich, non-greasy body cream deeply penetrates to provide all-day hydration.  It was created with 100% natural skincare essentials including Haitian Black Castor Oil, calendula, guava, baobab extract, and aloe leaf juice.  Plus, a soothing and refreshing lavender aroma.  Spa Day is every day!


15. Tilk Moisture Me Hand Cream - $23

Tilk! Moisture Me Hand Cream is an easy gift for your co-worker who seems to “borrow” your moisturizer daily.  Now, she can keep her hands silky soft this winter with her own supply.  This cream is made with a unique blend of bioactive ingredients and the oils of hand-picked wild herbs from Saaremaa, an Estonian island in the Baltic Sea.  Your colleague will appreciate the presence of mango butter and sea buckthorn oil which help soften and deeply moisturize the skin.  So nice!

Now you're done.  Breathe easy and Happy Holidays!


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