10 Powerful Natural Skincare Ingredients that Matter Today

You might be a skincare product junkie or simply the average individual with a daily skincare regimen.  Either way, you must have noticed the rise in products and brands that tout the skin benefits of natural ingredients.  This movement goes beyond the likes of of aloe vera and shea butter.  Of course, both are still tried and true with amazing skin and hair benefits.  But, it seems that everyday we’re exposed to more of what nature has to offer for more beautiful skin.

But efficacy is still critical.  We all have different skin concerns.  Dry skin.  Dull skin.  Irritated skin.  Sun damaged skin.  Acne-prone skin.  Aging skin.  The list goes on.  Thus, expectations are high. Many seek products with more natural ingredients.  Yet, there are skeptics who need to be convinced.  But the news is encouraging.  More naturally-derived ingredients have been clinically tested to prove their claimed benefits.

Kеу Ingrеdіеntѕ To Watch

The secret is out.  Effective, hеаlthу, аnd natural skin саrе ingredients еxіѕt but thе kеу іѕ knоwіng thе ones that produce rеѕultѕ.  We put together a list of 10 natural ingredients (note:  this is part 1 of 2) that can help your skin look and feel more beautiful.


Consumers are more educated about what they put on their skin.  Thus, botanical extracts have become more widely used in beauty products.  In ancient civilizations plant extracts were the basis of medical treatments. 

Today, we see these benefits extended to various skincare products.  Plant-derived products tend to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  This is because these plants are able to thrive in the presence of free radicals.  Ultimately these benefits can help address skin concerns like rosacea and photo-aging.1

Cаnаdіаn WіllоwhеrbTM

Canadian Willowherb (aka Epilobium angustifolium) comes from northern Canadian Prairies plants.  These plants have developed strong phytochemical properties to survive the harsh climate.  Early Native Americans used liquid extracts from Canadian Willowherb to heal burns and soothe irritated skin.  Today, this anti-inflammatory, skin cooling extract is also good for treating problematic and acne prone skin.2  

Meadowfoam Ѕееd Оіl

Meadowfoam seed oil is extracted through the cold-pressing of the seeds of the Limnanthes alba plant.  This oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E which help to protect skin cells from free radical damage.  As an ingredient in moisturizes, this oil rejuvenates the skin while acting as a moisture barrier to prevent dryness

As a result, the skin is softer, hydrated, and more youthful-looking.  Meadowfoam seed oil is great for protecting the skin of the face and the body.  It can also heal dry cracked lips.3 BONUS:  This outstanding ingredient brings shine and vitality to damaged hair.4 

Pumpkin Seed Oil

When you’re indulging in pumpkin pie during the holidays or the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, you’re not thinking of your skin.  And no, we’re not suggesting that consuming these delights will improve your skin’s health.  Yet, the pumpkin itself is another story.  In particular, pumpkin seed oil is emerging as a wellness and beauty ingredient.  Pumpkin seed oil is a source of vitamin E, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and carotenoids. 

These elements help promote healthy skin.  Pumpkin seed oil acts as an anti-inflammatory to calm and soothe redness in the skin while keeping it hydrated and firm.  This fantastic oil also helps cell turnover which results in more youthful looking skin.  BONUS:  Pumpkin seed oil is used to treat male hair loss.  Loaded with vitamins A, K, and E, it can also help anyone – male or female – enjoy stronger, thicker, more lustruous hair.5 


You might enjoy edible seaweed with popular Japanese dishes like sushi and miso soup.  But, did you know that seaweed helps to keep the skin moisturized, revitalized, and youthful?  In fact, seaweed is a powerful source of essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants.  These essentials protect the skin against environmental aggressors to help fight aging.  Seaweed baths are popular spa treatments because they cleanse and exfoliate the skin. 

When applied to the body, the seaweed draws excess fluid and waste products from the skin.  It also removes dead skin cells and other surface impurities.  Seaweed infuses the skin with moisture and also acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss.  Seaweed’s anti-inflammatory properties make it useful in treating acne and rosacea.  And, the phytonutrients found in seaweed elevates blood flow and brings a healthy glow to the face.6 






So there you have it.  The first of our list of 10 trending natural ingredients to look out for in skincare.  Click here if you're interested in trying products with these ingredients. Stay tuned for part 2.  In the meantime, we’d love to know what you think.  What natural ingredients have been helpful to you in your regimen?

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