Founded upon the belief that beauty and self-confidence are nurtured from within.  This line of superfood supplements is designed to nourish, cleanse, and detox the body.  Experience more energy, improved mood, clear skin, and whole-body health.   Easy to incorporate into the busiest schedule. 

SWHEY Alkamist Organic Multivitamin & Green Superfood Powder


DESCRIPTION Your daily multivitamin in a new form! The easiest way to incorporate 34 all-natural, organic ingredients into your daily routine.  This delicious handcrafted green superfood powder sources its goodness...

SWHEY Halo Organic Whey & Plant Protein Powder Blend


DESCRIPTION It's time to get shakin' with this complete protein supplement and superfood powder!  It is the perfect blend of whey and plant proteins.  The delicious formula features organic hormone-free...

SWHEY Healix Organic Detox & Cleansing Capsules


DESCRIPTION A simple all-natural and balanced formula for detoxification.  Just 2 capsules per day to help rid the body of heavy metals and harmful toxins while supercharging your immune system. ...

SWHEY The Ensemble Weight Loss & Detox Bundle


DESCRIPTION Now it’s easy to practice good health habits.  This 3-product organic bundle supports weight loss, balances pH, supports anti-aging, boosts mood, recharges your immune system, and reduces heavy metals...



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