When outside temperatures drop, indoor heat goes up and, our skin begins to dry out. If not properly nurtured, skin can become flaky, cracked, irritated, and dull.  We've assembled a list of our favorite solutions for keeping skin hydrated, healthy, and vibrant.  From cleansers to overnight treatments to lip balms, we have you covered.

KLAIRS Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

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DESCRIPTION Sensitive and delicate skin?  This hypo-allergenic cleansing oil is just what you need.  Mild yet effective, it removes dirt and makeup without irritation and moisture loss.  Formulated with natural...

CIRCCELL Geothermal Clay Cleanser


DESCRIPTION Harness the power of Earth's natural clay to cleanse, detoxify, and deeply hydrate.  An ideal cleansing solution for all skin types. Half clay, half oil, this deep cleansing emulsion...

COSRX Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion

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DESCRIPTION Have you ever experienced dry skin due to acne medication, winter weather, or exposure to free radicals?  This is the moisturizer for you.  It feature as 70% Birch sap,...

Huxley Secret of Sahara Oil Essence: Essence-Like, Oil-Like

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DESCRIPTION It's the perfect balance of an oil and an essence.  Formulated with prickly pear seed oil, this antioxidant energizes and revitalizes the skin.  Your skin will remain vibrant and...

TEADORA Brazilian Glow Beauty Butter for Face & Body


DESCRIPTION Celebrate hydrated, smoother, more comfortable skin.  This luxurious moisturizer restores the skin with intense hydration.  Formulated with Superfruit oils, butters, Argan Plant Stem Cells, and Teadora's proprietary RainforestRestoration™ Elixir. ...

SIBU Hydrating Serum


DESCRIPTION Maintaining skin's hydration is key to its overall health.  Hydrated skin bounces back from damage and blemishes while promoting a smoother, less flaky appearance. Sibu Hydrating Serum hydrates using a...

CIRCCELL Mandarin Cleansing Milk


DESCRIPTION Do you wish your skin still had that brilliant glow? Originally developed for aestheticians, this high-performance cleanser offers professional results at home. Formulated with mandarin, orange, and grapefruit extracts,...

RUTZ Glow Ahead Serum


DESCRIPTION Dry, dehydrated, and sun-damaged skin is a precursor to pre-mature aging.  Fight back with this amazing serum.  This potent blend of natural antioxidants, humectants and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s)...

SON & PARK Beauty Water

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DESCRIPTION Created by two celebrity makeup artists, this cult favorite cleansing water is a true beauty must-have.  It doubles as both a cleanser and a toner and serves as the...

KLAIRS Rich Moist Soothing Serum

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DESCRIPTION Restore a healthy gorgeous glow to dry sensitive skin.  Add this soothing serum to your daily routine.  It replenishes moisture levels and revitalizes tired dehydrated skin for a smoother...

KREYOL ESSENCE Haitian Moringa Face & Hair Oil

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DESCRIPTION Known for its anti-aging properties, Moringa might just be “nature’s Botox.”  This oil fights the effects of pollution and promotes glowing, healthy skin.  It also delivers vitamin C and...

CIRCCELL Extraordinary Face Oil for Anti-Aging


DESCRIPTION Circcell Extraordinary Face Oil for Anti-Aging is different. Using cutting edge technology, it helps to naturally increase the free fatty acids found in the oil. Each of these acids...

VERTERE Corrective Eye Concentrate


DESCRIPTION Treat the delicate eye area gently and experience visible results.  Featuring a patented and proprietary blend of precious compounds, this lush and silky concentrate bathes the eye area in...

KLAIRS Rich Moist Soothing Cream

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DESCRIPTION Rescue dry, irritated, sensitive skin and achieve immediate and long-term moisture relief for more radiant, hydrated skin. Crafted with yeast-derived beta glucan, it supports and repairs your skin’s natural protective...

HUXLEY Secret of Sahara Anti-Gravity Cream

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DESCRIPTION Does your skin feel rough?  Does it appear dull and aged? This antioxidant cream may be exactly what you’re looking for.  Infused with 50% Cactus Seed Oil extract plus...

HUXLEY Secret of Sahara Cream: More than Moist

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DESCRIPTION Now delicate, sensitive, and dry skin can be healthy skin!  This cream provides deep hydration to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier.  Skin is better protected from environmental aggressors that...

BENTON Shea Butter & Coconut Hand Cream

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DESCRIPTION Amazingly smooth, soft, and silky hands!  Crafted with 20% shea butter, coconut oil, and adenosine to transform dry, rough hands.  Moisturizes and smooths wrinkles.  Main Ingredients SHEA BUTTER COCONUT...

CHUDA Healing Hydrating Cream

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DESCRIPTION Deeply hydrate and quickly heal dry, damaged, compromised skin.  This luxurious cream harnesses the power of the ancient skin-healing Remedea Compound.  With origins dating back to the time of...

NUVESSE Deep Hydrating & Brightening Mask Set (FACE)


DESCRIPTION Get ready for smoother, more youthful looking skin.  Each serum-infused mask delivers a month’s supply of serum (1oz) in a single treatment and is packed with nourishing hyaluronic acid,...

NUVESSE Deep Hydrating & Brightening Regimen Kit (FACE)

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DESCRIPTION Soothe and hydrate stressed skin with Nuvesse Deep Hydrating & Brightening Regimen Kit.  Featuring nourishing hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and aloe vera, the serum instantly plumps the skin to visibly...

BIAINILI Pomegranate Night Repair Cream


 DESCRIPTION Sleep well and let this beautiful overnight repair cream get to work.  Wake up to skin that is rehydrated, recharged, and repaired.  Thick and ultra-nutritious, it melts into the...

COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask

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DESCRIPTION You need this regal treat as part of your clear-skin regimen. This overnight mask is supercharged with 85% Bee Propolis and Royal Jelly.  As you rest, it gently and...

TILK! Spoon Me Facial Cream for Night


DESCRIPTION This cream is rich and nourishing for overnight skin repair.  Antioxidants and vitamins from hemp seed oil help smooth fine lines and protect the skin from aging.  It also...

OY-L Hydrating Facial Mist

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DESCRIPTION You don't always have the time to stop and thoroughly wash your face when it needs an invigorating and hydrating burst of energy, and with the OY-L Hydrating Facial Mist, you...

KREYOL ESSENCE Haitian Hand & Body Creme (Lavender)


DESCRIPTION Creamy, luxurious, and nutrient-rich.  This non-greasy body cream deeply penetrates to provide all-day hydration.  Crafted with 100% natural skincare essentials.  Your skin will drink it up.  Featuring Haitian Black...

TILK! Moisture Me Hand Cream


ADDITIONAL Reach for this cream if you’re seeking soft and silky hands.  Crafted with a unique blend of bioactive ingredients.  Horsetail restores the hydrolipidic layer to strengthen and tighten the...



These rich multitasking balms will nourish and protect for softer lips.  Crafted with 50% Shea butter and enriched with natural oils – Coconut, Grape Seed, Almond, Rosehip, Pomegranate, Walnut –...

TILK! Kiss Me Lip Balm


DESCRIPTION Protect your pout and add a little shine with this herbal lip balm made with honey and bioactive ingredients.  Calendula helps soften while shea butter and beeswax nourish and...

OY-L Manuka Latte Lip Balm


DESCRIPTION Your lips, like the rest of your face, are susceptible to damage from the environment and the sun. One of the most sensitive elements of your face, your lips...



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