100% natural skincare inspired by the power of Hawaiian healing.  A luxurious spa-like collection that combines traditional Hawaiian healing botanicals and methodologies with modern skincare technology.

HONUA Paʻakai Cleansing Cream


DESCRIPTION This daily healing cleanser is great for all skin types.  Naturally scented, it leaves skin feeling soft and healthy.  Deeply cleanses without stripping and drying the skin.  BONUS:  It...

HONUA Hawaiian Beauty Water Toner


DESCRIPTION A magic GLOW potion.  This liquid exfoliating toner can be used up to 5X per week.  Suitable for all skin types, it gently exfoliates to tighten pores for a...

HONUA Aloha Youth Serum


DESCRIPTION Your solution for dewy, fresh skin.  Formulated from a beautiful blend of unique Hawaiian botanicals, this luminous serum hydrates, smooths, brightens, tightens, and nourishes the skin. Key Botanicals &...

HONUA ʻŌlena Tumeric Facial Oil


DESCRIPTION A true multi-tasking beauty oil.  Traditionally crafted and infused by the sun with a unique blend of super plants to treat skin issues and restore a healthy glow.  Key...

HONUA Ritual Skincare Regmin Kit


DESCRIPTION Easily practice daily self-love with the Honua Skincare Ritual set.  See how all of these beautiful products work together for powerful results on your skin. 4-Step Ritual Step 1...



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