Anima Mundi products feature the most pristine and medicinal botanicals found in nature.  This Brooklyn, New York based apothecary sources directly from native peoples in Central and South America and their formulas utilize Biodynamic standards to ensure maximum quality and vibrancy.

ANIMA MUNDI Mangosteen & Hibiscus Superfood Beauty Tonic


DESCRIPTION A delightful beauty tonic with incredible healing benefits!  Featuring Mangosteen and Hibiscus, this nourishing anti-inflammatory superfood powder is used as a vitamin C booster, a blood mineralizer, and a...

ANIMA MUNDI Collagen Powder


DESCRIPTION Boost collagen in the skin and body the natural way with this amazing mix of herbs.  The formula features adaptogens, ancient herbs, and flowers known to support, beautify, repair, and...

ANIMA MUNDI Coconut Cream Powder


DESCRIPTION This silky nourishing beauty powder is loaded with healthy oils and fiber. The naturally occurring oils in coconut nourish the gut, skin, brain, and more. Featuring pure ground coconut...

ANIMA MUNDI Moringa Superfood Powder


DESCRIPTION Elevate your energy levels with this natural and nutritious anti-oxidant powder.  The energy boost from Moringa Leaf is not based on sugar, so it is sustained.  Moringa is also...

ANIMA MUNDI Curam Elixir

From $16.00

DESCRIPTION Beauty Elixir / Skin Detox / Anti-Oxidant / Anti-Aging  This beauty elixir is formulated with a powerful blend of superfoods rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C.    Experience a deeply...

ANIMA MUNDI Euphoria Spirit Elixir

From $16.00

DESCRIPTION EUPHORIA - BLISS + LOVE Aphrodisiac anyone?  This love potion arouses the spirit and stimulates the body.  Created with herbs that enhance serotonin production and bring on a natural...

ANIMA MUNDI Green Coffee Bean Superfood Powder


DESCRIPTION Boost your energy and metabolism.  This powder features green coffee beans which are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted.  Unroasted coffee beans have more naturally occurring chlorogenic...

ANIMA MUNDI Rainforest Immunity


DESCRIPTION Whole-body healthy and immunity.  Featuring a powerful mix of herbs with strong immunIty enhancing properties, high levels of antioxidants, and strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.  This supplement is deeply...

ANIMA MUNDI Qi Energy & Protein Superpowder


DESCRIPTION Overcome exhaustion with this special energy-boosting powder.  Formulated with a mix of superfoods from Central and South American known to provide the necessary nutrients for sustained cellular energy.  The...

ANIMA MUNDI Liver Vitality


DESCRIPTION Detoxify and recharge your overall digestion with this daily nutritional and therapeutic green cleanse.  Formulated with ingredients known for their ability to eliminate heavy metals and the accumulation of...

ANIMA MUNDI Viridem Elixir

From $16.00

DESCRIPTION A daily cleansing formula featuring iron rich greens.  These are high potency mineralizers, with the power to oxygenate the blood, expelling toxic build-up. This tonic also encourages alkalinity and...

ANIMA MUNDI Lucid Dreaming Tea


DESCRIPTION A night tonic to support deep dreaming.  Formulated with botanicals from around the world.   These botanical herbs work to help boost hypothalamic function and increase pituitary response. This formula...

ANIMA MUNDI Suma Superfood Powder


DESCRIPTION Consider the traditional healing attributes of this superfood powder.  It serves many functions:  adaptogen, energizer, hormone regulator, non-caffeinated stimulant, libido, cardio supporter. The indigenous peoples of the Amazon region used...

ANIMA MUNDI Blue Lotus Intuition Tea


DESCRIPTION The Blue Lotus was sacred to ancient Egyptians.  In addition to its delightful fragrance, this bright blue flower is known to promote relaxation and heightened awareness.  For centuries, it...



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